Laptop and Notebook


Three very important items: 


The cost of a Resumag is $130 Per Year or $12/Month with an annual committment required. This includes Resumag development and hosting.


You should complete your videos (as many or as few as you would like) and save them to your computer before filling out the registration form below.  This will save you time and frustration.  The interview questions are listed on the FAQ’s page.  You can answer and upload as many or as few of the interview questions as you want, but you can only upload one video per question.  We recommend completing at least 3 questions. 


If you are uploading multiple videos, it may take a few minutes to complete.  Upload speeds vary, so once you hit submit, be patient and let it work.

If you are going to upload videos or photos to be used in your Resumag, make sure you have them ready to go right now (I know this was mentioned above, but it bears repeating)!!!  Regarding your videos, relax and take your time.  We have some great tips for making great videos for your Resumag HERE.  Make sure you are happy with them before submitting.  Also, the production work (name or question on the bottom of the video) will be taken care of by us.  So, please don’t add any graphics to your videos.


Resumag is great for both job seekers and hiring managers. It provides the job seeker an opportunity to represent themselves rather than hoping their resume is enough to get them in the door. 

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